Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is it real?

Israel. Israel? ISRAEL! What a beautiful, culturally diverse and historically sound country.
For 2 weeks in the summer of 2012, I had the pleasure and opportunity to visit "the motherland" on a Culinary Birthright trip. I was fully immersed in the culture, language, food and people! 30 other candidates from all around the United States, my very own sister included, had joined in on the excursion along with 10 Israeli soldiers (see a photo of the crew below).

This photo was taken just after everyone took a Black Mud Bath at the Dead Sea. Fun fact: It is the lowest point on Earth at 394.6 meters (1269 feet) below sea level.

This was my consistent happy face. 

We travelled from the North (Galilee) to the South (Negev Desert), out to the East by the West Bank and as far West as the Gaza Strip. Along the way, I entrusted the multiple shutter speeds of my camera to collect STILL FRAMES of the EDIBLES along the way. Please enjoy the photos provided:

Jaffa, the city of art and creative freedom

First dinner at Sima's in Jerusalem

Arab Desserts

The best Schnitzel in all of Israel at Cafe Noir

Colorful Candies at the Jerusalem Market

Chocolate Tomatoes

Agricultural Farm in the Negev Desert

Dried Fruits from the Jerusalem Market

Eggplant. One of the seven foods of Israel

Felafel Pita Sandwich with a Berry Ice!


Hummus with Tahina and Goat Cheeses

Halva Cakes

Olives and Tahina

Assorted Finger Foods!!!

Beautiful Mural in Jerusalem

Mmm. Fresh, rolled breads!

Pomegranates. Super fruits!

Soaps made from Olives

Assorted Spices from the Market