Monday, September 17, 2012

Mediterranean Buzz

One overcast evening in New York, a few Alumni and myself from the Birthright-Israel Culinary Trip of 2012 decided to reunite over a Mediterranean Meal. Thoroughly engaged in good eats, it was decided that we meet at Kefi, a beautiful Greek Taverna at 505 Columbus Avenue in Upper West Side Manhattan. This gem of a restaurant is tucked away amongst bodegas and personal shopping stores alike on the bustling Columbus Avenue. I was honored to have the opportunity to enjoy Greek Cuisine at such an intimate location.

After a while of reviewing the extensive Menu, I opted for a humble-sized entree (see image provided below): Mithia (Mussels), Gigantes (Gigante Beans), and Feta. It was as scrumptious as it looked! Everything about this dish complemented eachother; from the bits of lightly poached tomatoes to the cool mouth-feel of crumbled Feta with a warm sweet broth and Mussels to finish, this dish was well thought out. I advise every shellfish lover to try this dish!

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