Monday, November 5, 2012

True to My Roots

Due to a positively warranted situation, I have recently been spending a great deal of time in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the OTHER Puerto Rican salvation. 

In lieu of my temporary residence here, I decided to make a Boricua-inspired dish for my boyfriend Rubin and I. Needless to say, it was DELISH!

Featured below: 

Fried Plantains "Tostones"
Barbecued Short Pork Ribs
Sauteed Peppered Spinach and Baby Bella Mushrooms

Still think the plantains are bananas? Are you not able to understand the difference between the two? NO WORRIES! Please see this youtube video for help:

The basis of this dish is to be true to the heritage of my boyfriend and I, and prepare a well-portioned, flavorful meal. 

For more information regarding "Puerto Rican Cuisine", check out these helpful links:


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