Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spring had Sprung.... Summer has arrived!

Do you have a place at your residence with partial sun/shade? Do you have a window sill or garden? Fresh soil around your edifice? Then you have the ability to go outside and plant! There are far too many reasons why we should give back to nature - plant some flowers or adopt an indoor/house plant!

My boyfriend and I had decided to plant some perennials. The flowers of my choosing were from the wild-flowers family and resembled a certain "firey" flare. The colors struck me the moment I set eyes on them - bright yellows and warm oranges and reds excited me as much as the thought of planting them. On the other hand, my passionate significant other chose the deep purple, large petal flowers. Seeing as purple is one of his favorite colors, the irradescent image they convey balanced out well with the vigor of my wild blossoms.

Here ye New Yorkers, need not be afraid of growing or sustaining life in those small bucket windows. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic life of Horticulture and you will never regret the day you started!  

Signing off,

Lace, sustaining life.

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